Society of the NIT SRIans

Society Of The NIT SRIans

Our Motto        " विद्यैव सर्वधनम् | तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु | चरैवेति-चरैवेति "


Knowledge is the greatest wealth
May our knowledge become
Keep Moving, Keep Moving

Historical Background

"Knowledge Society : NIT Srinagar" (An organization formerly known as "Quiz society : NIT Srinagar"), was proposed on 14th January 2013 & was officially started (By the NIT SRIans) on 16th January 2013. It was also proposed as "IAS Forum : NIT Srinagar" on 16th January 2013. Its logo symbolizes a center of excellence in quality transformation of Indian students.

Our objectives are 

* To implement competitive examinations (IAS/JEE/CAT/XAT/GMAT/GRE etc)
* Excellence in technical field (Robot making technology, and else)
* Management and Marketing
* Advertisement
* Creativity (Arts & Science)
* Entertainment
* To motivate the young minds of J&K to education